Some of my projects at One-Two

I’ll post some of  my projects I made at One-Two ( We make Time, Job and tracking programs. As you will see, I love the Canvas!

They are written in RealBasic as this is our main programming language. I’m not very interested it writing ‘normal’ looking programs. I like designing new experimental interfaces to make it very intuitive to work with the software.

So here they come:

12Time: A program to track the time (by using a time clock)

12Work: A Program to track jobs with an alternative GUI (with handheld scanners)

12School: A program to track a school (reception, classes, meals)


3 thoughts on “Some of my projects at One-Two

  1. very nice interface designs. might you have some tips or intents for tutorials on creating such? thanks

  2. All these programs are build with the canvas element. I’ve started a serie of tutorials on this subject in the blog. The programs at OneTwo are extended versions of these techniques.

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