Basic4Android: A new easy to use programming language for Android

Don’t let the name fool you! Although being very easy to use, it’s a powerful language. The syntax is very similar to the good old VB6, but when compiled its pure Java. Even more, you can write your own libraries in Java and use them in the IDE.

An excellent feature of B4A is the B4A-Bridge: simply the best way to debug your code line by line fast. Yes, I said debug line by line! You can place break points in your code and read the value of variables. I did mention it looked a lot like VB6, didn’t I 🙂

I’ve written some libraries in java for B4A and they are freely downloadable if you have a license. And why shouldn’t you? You can have B4A Enterprise for the ridiculous sum of $99 USD.

Anyway, definitely worth to check out!


2 thoughts on “Basic4Android: A new easy to use programming language for Android

  1. Interesting, I like to test out new technologies and have been meaning to try coding for Android. I like to use VB.NET for my day-to-day programming so it sounds like Basic4Android would be straightforward to start using. Thanks!

  2. You should really try it out. As a VB.NET programmer you’ll be on your way very quickly. Also check out the forum. The people are very helpful there. As it is yet a rather small community, Erel (the programmer of B4A) is very close to us programmers. And I’ll plan to post some advanced snippets on this blog to help people out.

    Good luck and happy programming!

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