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BANano Core Library

BANano is a B4J library to create one-page websites/webapps with (offline) Progressive Web App support. It can use a Service Worker to ‘install’ the web app in the browser, so it can also work when the user is offline. BANano helps you writing code for the browser side. This means EVERYTHING you write in B4J is transpiled to Javascript, HTML and CSS.

BANano gives you a set of tools to write your own wrapper around any framework (MiniCSS, Skeleton, Spectre, Bootstrap, jQuery…), which then can be easily used to quickly build webapps/websites.

You can use the B4J Abstract Designer to design you UI, using BANano Custom Views (written in B4J) to extend this toolset.


B4J has an excellent jetty based server: the jServer library. BANanoServer uses this lib and provides you with a lot of goodies to make building WebApps with B4J very simple. So you write the Server and Browser side in one language: B4X! A BANanoServer can use EVERYTHING a normal B4J App can: MQTT, Bluetooth, Database and Hardware access and so much more. It is like having a Node.js server, but coded in pure B4J.


BANano can easily be extended by using BANAnoLibraries. They are Open Source b4xlibs, many already on the B4J forum. And also written in this one B4X language!