About me

My name is Alain Bailleul and I’m the Senior Software Architect/Engineer at One-Two. I like to experiment with new technologies, Computer Vision and A.I.  My projects are programmed in B4X, C#, java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I’ll post some of those projects on this blog and I hope you learn some new exciting stuff!


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30 thoughts on “About me

    1. Hello Alain , j’ai fait un programme android smartphone avec principalement une google map , une listview et des photos (on clique sur une ligne de la listview et on a la position sur la map et des informations et photos sur le lieu (guerre 14/18) ); je souhaite faire un site qui fonctionne pareil ; j’ai regarde BAnano , mais pas evident pour la listview ; je vais voir avec ABMaterial , j’aime bien faire une interface en % heigt et width ou vh et vw ;
      si vous avez une minute pour un conseil ; Denis

      1. Hi Denis,

        You must know that a WebView (on android, Desktop, iOS) only supports a small portion of what a full blown browser can do. It may or may not work, depending on how advanced the javascript is that you are going to use. ABM and BANano is not written with a WebView in mind, especially since more and more shops (like Google Play and Apple Store) have started to reject apps that are using a WebView as their interface. They want native apps or Progressive Web Apps (like what BANano can generate), not apps with a WebView and a Website behind it.


  1. You know what would be challenging? Making a finder-like-window with a Canvas (RB). Looks easy but it isn’t. 🙂

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Can you show me some screenshots of what this finder window should look like? I’m sure we can do something about that poblem 🙂

      I think I get what you mean: it is the finder on the Mac. I think this is out of the scope of this blog but certainly doable with a RB Canvas. If you would start writing a finder window and get stuck somewhere, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll gladly give you some pointers.



  2. Hi Patrick,

    I’m new to Basic4Android,
    I’m developing to app that will read the SMS and export the data to database like sqllite
    can you please help me in this regard.

  3. Hello Alain,

    I tried replying to your email directly, but it would not work… so no attachment here….

    If you can see the attached, it features a bunch of squares and rectangles. What I need to do, is to add height to these making a 3D appearance. I would guess that would involve changing the perspective of the view, thus allowing me to add a face (in z)?

    Not sure if I am describing this properly or not….

    1. Hi Jose,

      Thank you for reading my blog! For the moment, there are no plans on doing articles on pdf or sql. But if you check out the xojo forum, I think there are a lot op projects on these subjects. Maybe in the future, when I need this myself, I’ll do some articles.



  4. I really love your Canvas Tutorials. Please read my last comment in Canvas Tutorial #4. Not quite sure how to implement it.

  5. Good evening,

    I’m having a small problem with ABSYNCMenu.
    Everything works fine… except, that if one item is executing a task and we click in another item during the process, everything freezes – and an error occurs… I’ve tryed to disable the items, menus and even the panels during the tasks… Nothing works against this error.

    Any ideas?..

    Kind regards,

    Rui Fernandes

    1. This thing is huge! You better make it a real job offer on the B4X forum because I doubt anyone will be prepared to write this just for fun. I unfortunately don’t have the time for this. Good luck!

  6. Hello,
    Could you send me your old stuff Xojo Game And Watch please ?
    Il would like to try to de the same with Snoopy Tennis.
    I am sad not to view stuff in Xojo today but I understand your choice.
    B4J is nice !

        1. I don’t think I will do it after all as the projects do need to much work to be adapted to the latest Xojo version. And as Xojo hasn’t been stable for a couple of years now, this would probably just be a temporary fix. Maybe, in another couple of years, when Xojo Inc. finally are on the right track again, I will invest some time to setup a Xojo page. But for now I stick with the very stable and powerful B4X tools.

  7. Since you’ve deleted all the RealBasic Canvas Articles (or I can’t find them anymore), I can’t find the comment about why the move animation works on Windows but not on Mac when you right-click. There was a solution but I don’t remember what it was. Maybe you have the articles archived somewhere and can tell me the code I need to change.

    I really hope you come back to Xojo, there’s been loads of changes/bugfixes/updates/etc. I’ve been using your ABCanvas to help me design my TCG game I’ve been working on.

    1. I’ve searched, but I can not find anything back on these old articles about right-clicking on Mac. Sorry.

      The chances of me going back to Xojo are very slim to non-existent. Way to many bugs, far behind other tools on features, messy frameworks across the platforms etc.
      It has been several years since the last ‘production ready’ version has been released and it shows: many experienced programmers have left, even from their own staff.

      Pity, 10 years ago it used to be a good tool I loved to program with…

  8. ABMaterial is great and i have some question.
    How to do can change language for buttom in ABMCalendar? e.g. chinese
    or ABMCalendar have some property like ABMDateTimePicker.PickText、ABMDateTimePicker.TodayText …

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