ABMaterial is a modern framework combining a tuned Materialize CSS with the free programming tool B4J.

It allows creating WebApps that not only look great thanks to Googles Material Design, but can be programmed in an Object-Oriented way with the powerful free tool from Anywhere Software without any knowledge of HTML, JavaScript or CSS!

As ABMaterial is a hybrid WebApp/Website framework, it can take full advantage of all kind of SEO techniques and from version 1.07 onwards, also Google Analytics.


ABMaterial has over 45 themeable controls and some useful helpers.


  • ABMActionButton
  • ABMAudioPlayer (1.08)
  • ABMBadge
  • ABMButton
  • ABMCanvas
  • ABMCalendar
  • ABMCard
  • ABMChart (Plugin support 2.00)
  • ABMChat (2.50)
  • ABMCheckbox
  • ABMChronologyList (2.00)
  • ABMCombo
  • ABMCustomControl (1.05)
  • ABMChip
  • ABMCodeLabel
  • ABMDivider
  • ABMDateTimeScroller (1.06)
  • ABMDateTimePicker (1.06)
  • ABMEditor (1.07)
  • ABMFileInput (1.20+)
  • ABMGoogleMap
  • ABMLabel
  • ABMList
  • ABMImage
  • ABMImageSlider
  • ABMInputField
  • ABMRadioGroup
  • ABMPagination (1.04)
  • ABMPatternLock (1.20+)
  • ABMPDFViewer (1.08)
  • ABMPlanner (2.50)
  • ABMPercentSlider (2.50)
  • ABMPivotTable (1.08)
  • ABMRange (1.05)
  • ABMSignaturePad
  • ABMTimeLine (1.10, depreciated in 4.00)
  • ABMSlider (1.05)
  • ABMSmartWizard (NEW 3.00!)
  • ABMSocialShare (1.07)
  • ABMSocialOAuth
  • ABMSVGSurface (1.20+)
  • ABMSwitch
  • ABMTabs
  • ABMTreeTable (1.04)
  • ABMUpload
  • ABMVideo


  • ABMContainer
  • ABMFlexWall (1.10)
  • ABMGenerator (1.07)
  • ABMModalSheet
  • ABMNavigationBar
  • ABMPage
  • ABMParallax
  • ABMSideBar (2.00)
  • ABMTable
  • ABMTableMutable (1.20+)


  • Firebase Auth (1.20+)
  • Firebase Storage (1.20+)
  • Configurable App and Content folders (2.00)
  • Lorem Ipsum Generator (2.00)
  • Grid Builder (2.00+)

The Grid Builder:
With the Grid Builder you can build the responsive framework very easy. This has been the most difficult part for beginners to understand. But now with the builder, you have no reason to not use ABMaterial 🙂


Included is a extensive Demo application and the full source code of ABMfeedback, demonstrating a lot of the functionality of ABMaterial. In itself, the apps are also some kind of tutorial. I suggest you start the demo app in B4J, open your browser and go to ‘localhost:51042/demo’.

You can browse the objects and test them out, but when you want to start to program I suggest you start at ‘Getting Started’ and follow the guidelines through the chapters suggested at the end of each page.

There is also an online demo at abmaterial.com

Alternative URL: http://prd.one-two.com:51042/demo/

ABMaterial is DonationWare:

Click here Donation if you like to donate

This means it is free to use, but consider this: it took me already thousands of hours to program ABMaterial, all done in my free time early in the morning and deep into the night. Not only will a donation push me to continue developing ABMaterial , remember, you’ll get a warm and fuzzy feeling doing it!

Donators get the latest versions in their mailbox a couple weeks before the public, and an extra goodie now and then

Current extra goodies:


Download the latest public release:


User Quotes:

Ed Brown (MozzieByte Pty Ltd):
Brilliant! Support is nothing short of fantastic and the ABMaterial Framework is a testimonial in itself to that.

John-Erik Haraldsson:
I’m impressed by this type of innovations. ABMaterial is a platform that allows WEB-development more efficient and increases the focus on contents and ergonomics. It will be easier to make the transition from desktop to WEB-development. The combination with Anywhere Software and ABMaterial is an example of how by simplifications, wins time and do not have to endure the complicated and time-consuming work and, moreover, unbeatable economic. Fun to be with and follow the progress of the ABMaterial as framework to B4X in future.

Mike Whetmore (Modern Mobile Solutions):
For years I have struggled with creating a web interface using the traditional tools – php, Javascript, HTML and CSS. I had purchased a popular Php Generator for creating data grids, only to find that it required an immense amount of “hacking” to make it work!
B4J is a great tool for creating web-apps with a “windows” look. The ABMaterial framework takes this to a modern level – Material CSS.  Leveraging my B4X coding skills, I easily create modern looking CRUD forms using ABMaterial. This product is exactly what I needed!

Paulo Gomes:
I am no web designer, but have tried for several years to ceate my own site, each time searching for tools to achieve the exact look I desire, but never getting there…
With ABMaterial, I have ALL the tools I need, plus the flexibility of B4J, to build the exact Website I have in mind and even more!

Some videos showing what ABMaterial can do:

I hope you enjoy making state-of-the-art WebApps/Websites with ABMaterial for Basic4Java!