Welcome to the programming corner of Alwaysbusy

My name is Alain Bailleul and I’m the lead programmer at One-Two. I like to experiment with new technologies like the Kinect, Computer Vision and A.I.  Some of my projects are programmed in more exotic languages like RealStudio and Basic4Android, but also in C# or java.

I’ll post some of those projects on this blog and I hope you learn some new exciting stuff!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the programming corner of Alwaysbusy

  1. Hi, I teach middle school STEAM. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. I have just a little background in VB that I took in college years ago. This year I’ve I’ve added Real Studio to my classroom and finding simple projects that would appeal to 13 year olds is difficult. So far, I have a web browser, tetris style game, simple calculator, picture viewer, and a project which I call a blinky that uses timers to make the colors of a series of rectangles change. If there’s anyone out there that could send me a few simple Real Studio projects that I could pick apart to learn the programming on my own and pass on to my students I’d appreciate!

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