Augmented Reality on Android, a start…

I’m looking into Augmented reality on my Android phone and tablet. The main functions will be written in java and then used as a library in B4A. I’m looking into AForge.NET and I’ll probably will port some code from their C# library to java.

The first step I do is searching for glyphs in an image. This is an example of one of those glyphs:

For a human it is no problem to locate the glyphs, but for a computer it is quite a challenge.

These are the steps I’m planning to make:

1. Downscale the image to a smaller picture (for speed)

2. Convert the picture to an array of pixels

3. Greyscale the image using the pixel array

4. Run some Edge detection algorithm to help me find the blobs

5. examine the blobs and look which ones look quadrangular

6. Check if they are an actual glyph

7. calculate its position in 3D space

8. use OpenGL to show an object on the glyph

And all of this as fast as possible!

I’ll keep you posted.


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