Let’s write a Flappy Bird clone!!!

Looking forward to this series of articles Andy! I hope you do the B4A part first 🙂

Coffee Induced Games

Flappy Bird has been massively popular. But one key thing about it, and one reason why its so popular is its simplicity. Based on that fact, I’m going to run a short series of videos and blog entries showing my efforts to write a Flappy Bird clone, both for PC and Android.

I will be using Blitz Plus for the PC version. I’ve mentioned this language before as it’s a brilliant tool for writing which simple idea for games to see how they’ll work in practice. You can then either wrote your whole game using Blitz Plus or in another language if you’re requiring fancy graphics effects or writing for a different platform like Android. Blitz Plus can be downloaded for free at http://www.blitzbasic.com go to the products page and follow the instructions there.

For the Android version we’ll be using Basic4Android . As it’s an easy language to use…

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2 thoughts on “Let’s write a Flappy Bird clone!!!

  1. Hi! Sorry!!!! I did the BlitzPlus version first as it was much easier. I’m starting the B4A version this week and will probably use the LibGDX library for the graphics engine.

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