Augmented Reality: bring out the Bat-Signal!

After playing around with AR, I’ve decided to make a B4A library from an existing AR library: NyARToolkit (

Some functions did not work properly and I had to rewrite some of them so they could fit in a B4A library. I also wanted to use the GLSurfaceView from Andrew Graham in basic4android. To do this, I had to extract everything that had to do with 3D and OpenGL. It took some fiddling around, but I think I cracked it.

With a couple of lines in b4a, I can now find the markers and put a 3D model on top of it. The speed and accuracy of the NyARToolkit is ok and it is certainly possible to make some fun projects.

Just to play around, I’ve put one of my favorite superheroes on top of the marker. Batman to the rescue!

Example of the code needed to get the markers:

Sub ABAR_MarkersFound()
	Dim Vect As ABARVector2D
	Dim a As Int
	Dim b As Int
	Dim Markers As List
	Markers = ABAR.GetMarkers()
	Dim corners As List
	Dim Msg As String
	FoundMarkers = markers.Size - 1
	For a = 0 To foundMarkers
		Mark = Markers.Get(a)
		conf(a) = Mark.Confidence
		counter = 0
		Msg = "Marker: " & Mark.ARCodeIndex & CRLF
		Msg = Msg & "x:" & Mark.Center.x & " y:" & Mark.Center.y & CRLF
		Msg = Msg & "Confedence:" & Mark.Confidence & CRLF
		Corners = Mark.Corners
		Vect = Corners.Get(0)
		Msg = Msg & "Corner1=x:" & vect.x & "y:" & vect.y & CRLF
		Vect = Corners.Get(1)
		Msg = Msg & "Corner2=x:" & vect.x & "y:" & vect.y & CRLF
		Vect = Corners.Get(2)
		Msg = Msg & "Corner3=x:" & vect.x & "y:" & vect.y & CRLF
		Vect = Corners.Get(3)
		Msg = Msg & "Corner4=x:" & vect.x & "y:" & vect.y & CRLF
		Markfound = True
		For b = 0 To 15
			tmpresultf(a,b) = Mark.resultf(b)
			tmpcameraRHf(b) = Mark.cameraRHf(b)
		Msg = Msg & CRLF
		useRHfp = True
		drawp = True

End Sub

4 thoughts on “Augmented Reality: bring out the Bat-Signal!

  1. Hi, is your Augmented Reality libary available on the basic4android development tool, i looked in the libraries but could find. Is there a download somewhere.

    thanks in advance, Mark

    1. Hi Mark,

      The library is not public yet. It is more or less experimental and should be reworked. I recall speed was an issue because it was a Windows AR library that was rewritten for Android.



      1. Hi, did you have any update about your progress with the AR library. I’m very interested in test it and play with it.

        Thanks Eddy

  2. Hi Eddy,

    No, no further updates on this. Lost the existing code with a HD crash and never found the time to restart on it. Maybe something can be created with OpenCV now it is also available on Android.


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