Xojo: ABXVision – Version 1.0 Released

ABXVisionDISCONTINUED: Interested parties in purchasing the source code can contact me via email.

This is the first public release of ABXVision! I’ve spend a lot of time setting it up. Creating the documentation for the framework also took a fair amount of time, but as this project will grow in the future, it’s best I start documenting it from the beginning.

To centralize everything about ABXVision, I’ve created a new menu item on top of this page. Here you’ll be able to find the latest version, the help and the projects I’ll create with the ABXVision framework in the upcoming articles.

Latest version can be downloaded here


Halfway through writing the documentation, I realized this would take longer than expected so I stopped and build a tool to help me maintain the documentation: ABXDocumentor. I have a very good feeling about this tool and will probably update it and release it on this blog.

In the upcoming weeks I will try to write some demos using the framework. The first one will handle some basic functionality like ABXVImage as this object is really important. Later we’ll move on to Augmented Reality, Motion detection, maybe something on playcard recognition. Who knows were it takes us.

I just finish with this note: This is version 1.0. Not all functionality was tested so I can use your feedback to update it. I hope you join me on this ongoing journey and show us some projects your created with the framework.


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