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Xojo: ABXVision 1.0 progress update

DISCONTINUED: Interested parties in purchasing the source code can contact me via email.

Some readers are getting impatient to try out ABXVision. So, I decided to pause programming new features for now and started to document the current framework. This is a big task but is needed for this kind of framework.

The main purpose of ABXVision is giving students and researchers the tools to do Computer Vision and A.I. with a RAD tool like Xojo. Without being a programming genius with a Phd in C++ or ASM, they can experiment with cutting edge algorithms with the ease of creating simple desktop apps.

Some of you who are familiar with Aforge will notice the resemblance. A lot of code is a direct translation of this framework to Xojo (mixed with own functions, Xojo optimalisations, Xojo wrappers to make it simpler to use, and translated code from other frameworks). I think it will make it easier to try out some of the functionalities by checking out the .NET examples. The code will be very similar when you try it out in Xojo.

The first release will contain GlyphDetectors, Color Filters, Edge Filters, Blur Filters, Motion Detectors, Blob finders, Transformations, Binarizers, Augmented Reality, etc… So a complete toolbox to start Computer Vision with Xojo!

Future features will be Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Genetic Algotithms, a lot more filters, Contour detectors, Corner Detectors, Interesting Point algorithms, Moment Computers, Kinematic… etc.

Carry on coding!



Xojo: Augmented Reality with ABXVision first look

DISCONTINUED: Interested parties in purchasing the source code can contact me via email.

Augmented Reality in Xojo

Augmented Reality in Xojo

This is a teaser for an upcoming article on Alwaysbusy’s Corner on Augmented Reality with ABXVision!

ABXVision is a framework in 100% pure Xojo (except for the WebCam). It does blobdetection, Glyph recognition, Augmented Reality in 2D and 3D (still working on the 3D part) in real time.

For the moment I’m getting good results (under 0.05 seconds to do the job), but still some work to do before public release.

If someone can help me with a free solution for the Webcam on OSX, please PM me.

And without further ado, here is the teaser video. Enjoy 🙂

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See you soon!

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