Links up again! Experiment gone wrong…

Talked to the very helpfull helpdesk and it seems the site was hacked using the forum I’ve set up. I had noticed the last days a lot of new members but as nothing harmful was done I didn’t pay much attention to it. Wrong. It looks they used the forum to post a lot of rubbish messages.

Fortunately had noticed this before any harm could be done and that’s why we were down a couple of hours. I have cleaned up everything but decided to remove the forum for now and do some reading about it before I set it up again.

Once in awhile, an experiment does go wrong…



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My name is Alain Bailleul and I'm the Senior Software Architect/Engineer at One-Two. I like to experiment with new technologies, Computer Vision and A.I. My projects are programmed in B4X , Xojo, C#, java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. View all posts by Alwaysbusy

One response to “Links up again! Experiment gone wrong…

  • tim

    Please don’t worry. We know your blog as a quality read and are missing new articles 😦

    As a side note, this is how the internet is paying for the monopoly of php & javascript.

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