Monthly Archives: October 2012

Links up again! Experiment gone wrong…

Talked to the very helpfull helpdesk and it seems the site was hacked using the forum I’ve set up. I had noticed the last days a lot of new members but as nothing harmful was done I didn’t pay much attention to it. Wrong. It looks they used the forum to post a lot of rubbish messages.

Fortunately had noticed this before any harm could be done and that’s why we were down a couple of hours. I have cleaned up everything but decided to remove the forum for now and do some reading about it before I set it up again.

Once in awhile, an experiment does go wrong…



Unable to download project links from the blog

Due to something with my host, some of the links on the blog are not working and you’ll get a warning page saying ‘This site has been suspended’. I’m trying to contact to find out what is happening and how to resolve this. Sorry for the inconvenience. 😦

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