ClipIT: my brain’s little helper

And now for something completely different: ClipIT!

Last weekend I was setting up my NAS server and after ripping my Star Trek Voyager DVD collection to the harddisk I realized how limited my memory capacity was:

No way I would ever remember which episode I have seen last!

I know I could setup a media center or something similar to keep track for it for me, but it did make me think it would be nice if I could have some kind of bookmark system in my windows File Explorer. After all, how many times did I have the same problem in my vast file archive at home and at work?

I needed something simple: Right-clicking on a file to mark it and a way to quickly go back to it afterwards. It would be nice if it was folder based (one ‘last-accessed-file-bookmarked’ per folder).

A little bit of Think Tanking with myself and I could start programming. Realbasic seemed to be the tool to use. And very little time later I had my first prototype: ClipIT!

How does it work?

I can right-click on any file and in the context menu a new item comes up saying ‘<— Clip It!'. If I click this item a little file called '_.Clipped' is saved in the folder. In this file I saved the name of the file I wanted to clip. When I later return to this folder, I simply double click on '_.Clipped' and the File Explorer jumps to the marked file. Excellent!

Double click (or right-click to select Goto Clipped) and jump to the file you’ve clipped!

I think this is a simple, but rather nice solution and I know it will save me a lot of time. It is a quick prototype, so do not expect it to be elegant. I will think the system over and may rewrite it later into a nice working tool.

The prototype has some limitations:
- only for Windows (and 'tested' on Windows 7)
- it only works on files
- it does not work in the Root
- In the top bar of the explorer comes also the context menu if you click on '_.Clipped', but it does not work.

Installation: None, it is a single exe. Run it once to activate the context menu. If you want to remove the context menus, run it as ‘ClipIT.exe /UNINSTALL’
Note: You have to run it with administrator rights as I have to add the context menu in the registry.

Binary download: here
RealBasic source code: here

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See you!


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