RealBasic: Robot A.I. – Part 3 – Pathfinding with obstacles

Let’s learn Robby to react to an obstacle on its way to the target!

Just like your GPS has to recalculate the route to your destination if a road is blocked, Robby must adept and recalculate a new path to his target if a door is closed in front of him. You can close or open a doorway by rightclicking on the grey parts of the map.

When Robby starts a walk, his belief state is that all doors are open. If he encounters a closed door, he changes his belief state and recalculates an alternative route. Once the robot arrives at his destination, the belief state is reset:


Robby wants to go from point A to point B. The robot calculates its route and starts the walk (Dark blue path). Suddenly it finds a closed door in its path. Robby recalculates an alternative route to B and continues its walk (Light blue path). Pretty nifty hè! 🙂

Let’s look at it at work on our familiar floor plan:

As you can see I’ve also added the possibility to set Robby at any start position within the map and you can choose between a number of sensors.
Less sensors is faster but also less accurate and the algorithm may fail!

I’ve also been asked to extend the pathfinding example for the people that do not have RealBasic so they can use their own maps. To use your own maps with the ABExplorer.exe file you can give a map at the command line:

Systax: ABExplorer.exe /M=mapfile.png where mapfile is a picture file.

The map file specs:
1. must a picture size 500×500 pixels.
2. only contain 3 colors:

black RGB(0,0,0) for a wall
white RGB(255,255,255) for empty space
grey RGB(192,192,192) for a doorway that can be opened and closed

3. doorways that can be closed must be either horizontal or vertical, not diagonal.
4. make sure the map is ‘closed’: there is no way Robby can escape from the map.

The code and program can be downloaded from here

Try it out with you own maps!

In the next part of this series we’re going to learn Robby to find his location within the map. As for now, when we put Robby somewhere on the map, we tell him in which room and at what x,y coordinates he is. But what if he has to find this information for himself?

Until next time!

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