RealBasic: isolated project 4 -> A Sepia filter

Like the good old fashion style? As the name suggested, this filter will apply sepia tone (effect) to your photos, and it’s very easy to use.

Converting a photo to sepia is a relatively easy effect.

For each pixel in the image, we first convert the pixel to greyscale. We then add a value to the green component, and double that value to the red component to give the sepia effect.

The depth of the sepia effect is determined by this value, which we pass here as the depth parameter. A value of 0 will give a standard greyscale image.
In the above image a depth value of 20 was used.

Here is the function to do this:

Sub ApplySepia(Byref pic as picture, depth as Integer)
  Dim R As Integer
  Dim G As Integer
  Dim B As Integer
  Dim pixelColor As Color
  Dim picRGB as RGBSurface
  picRGB = pic.RGBSurface
  For y As Integer = 0 To pic.Height - 1
    For x As Integer = 0 To pic.Width - 1
      pixelColor = picRGB.Pixel(x, y)
      R = (0.299 * pixelColor.Red) + (0.587 * pixelColor.Green) + (0.114 * pixelColor.Blue)
      B = R
      G = B
      R = R + (depth * 2)
      If R > 255 Then
        R = 255
      End If
      G = G + depth
      If G > 255 Then
        G = 255
      End If
      picRGB.Pixel(x, y) = RGB(R,G,B)
End Sub

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