RealBasic: isolated project 2 -> Fire!

The second one is a little ‘old school’ demo effect of moving fire. I know it’s not the most convincing version out there but it is a quick and dirty one. Maybe if you play around with the params you’ll get it better. I’m not sure who made the original code. It may even be a mix of several projects.

First we need to setup the fire color palette. There are some formulas out there to generate the colors. A typical one is this (pseudo):

HSLtoRGB is used to generate colors:
Hue goes from 0 to 85: red to yellow
Saturation is always the maximum: 255
Lightness is 0..255 for x=0..128, and 255 for x=128..255

But I was lazy and just filled a table of 256 items with the colors I would need 😉

The next part is the main loop that animates the fire.

  'start the loop (one frame per loop)
  While Not StopFire
    'make the background black
    gBuffer.ForeColor = &c000000
    'randomize the bottom row of the fire buffer
    For x = 0 To w - 1
      fire(x, h - 1) = Abs(32768 + rnd()*256) Mod 256 + 128
      if fire(x, h - 1) > 255 then
        fire(x, h - 1) = 255
      end if
    'do the fire calculations for every pixel, from top to bottom
    'I remember there are other formulas out there that have different effects. Just Google it.
    For y  = 0 To h - 2
      For x  = 0 To w - 1
        fire(x, y) = ((fire((x - 1 + w) Mod w, (y + 1) Mod h) + fire((x) Mod w, (y + 1) Mod h) + fire((x + 1) Mod w, (y + 1) Mod h) + fire((x) Mod w, (y + 2) Mod h)) * 32) / 130 + rnd()
    'set the drawing buffer to the fire buffer, using the palette colors
    For x  = 0 To w - 1
      For y  = 0 To h - 1
        rgbBuffer.pixel(x, y) = palette(fire(x, y))
    'redraw the screen

That’s it! Or as Tom Hanks would have said in Cast Away: “I have made fire!”

The code and demo can be downloaded from:

Happy coding!


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My name is Alain Bailleul and I'm the Senior Software Architect/Engineer at One-Two. I like to experiment with new technologies, Computer Vision and A.I. My projects are programmed in B4X , Xojo, C#, java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. View all posts by Alwaysbusy

3 responses to “RealBasic: isolated project 2 -> Fire!

  • tim

    Hello, thanks for this. please answer whether you should have the time for robotic programming in Realbasic like you’d promised a few blogs ago.

    • Alwaysbusy

      @Tim: Thanks for reading my blog! Sorry about the robotic articles. I’ve been swamped with work lately but they are still in the pipeline. Next week I’ll release two articles that can be used for computer vision (two engines written in RB, one for OpenSURF and one for FAST). After that I’ll start putting what I have on robotics into some articles.

  • tim

    Thanks. I’m very excited!

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