Upcoming: Realbasic canvas tutorial

I’ve been asked several times if I could write a tutorial for the canvas object in Realbasic.

The canvas is, for me, the best object in RB. I like to create creative interfaces and the canvas is ideal to do this. This does of course also mean you will need to program a lot yourself.

Some topics I would like to cover:

  • buffering and partial redrawing
  • draggable objects
  • shadows, reflection and alpha blending
  • animations
  • object detection

To cover all this I will need to split the tutorial in several parts. I also will try to make a demo project for each lesson so you have a base to try things out.

See you soon!


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My name is Alain Bailleul and I'm the Senior Software Architect/Engineer at One-Two. I like to experiment with new technologies, Computer Vision and A.I. My projects are programmed in B4X , Xojo, C#, java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. View all posts by Alwaysbusy

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